Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Washington On The Brazos

May 1, 2016

Dane needed to visit one more Texas historical site for his Texas History project so we met Grandad, Grandlally, and Mason at the Washington On The Brazos in Washington, Texas.

  Inside the very well done museum. It was a nice surprise.
 We also discovered a very cool hands on room for little kids. Guess where we spent the most time?? Yep, in there!
 Family photo!
If you want to know the story of Washitngon On Th Brazos, click here.

We left the site and drove to Brenham for lunch before we all went back to our cities.

San Jacinto

April 23, 2016

Ed came to visit for the weekend. On Saturday, we went out to the San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte, Texas. Because it was also the weekend of the festival and the annual reenactment, we rode a shuttle ( big old yellow school bus!) to the site.

Funny but we had no idea this monument was here. 
And it is huge, impressively so.
See Dane standing on the top step?
 The monument stands in the background as Dane and Ed pose by the reflection pool.
 We visited the Mexican and Texican camp sites before the reenactment .
We heard some stories from some of the players.
We looked at artifacts from players personal collections.
Reenactment time!
If you want to know the story of the battle, click here.
After the reenactment of the 18 min battle, that took over an hour that day, we headed into the museum and air conditioning.
 It was a long hot day. we had not expected to be there that long but we made the best of it and Dane got some information for his Texas History class project. Win-win.

Oh, yes. I really was there and I bought a cute paper umbrella for shade!

Friday, May 6, 2016


April 16, 2016

Mason came to visit over the weekend. On Friday night we played Skipbo. 
Andy tried to help Mason. 
(Ignore the paint on the walls. I have been trying different shades of green to see which I like best.)
 Saturday morning we went out for brunch at Coco's Crepe's. Yum!
 Int he afternoon we went skating. What fun!! 
(Just like my middle school weekend nights!)
 Action shots.
 Mason skated couples with me. Ahh!
It was a great weekend visit. I miss him every day and am very happy when he comes to visit.

Bunny Run

April 9, 2016

Dane and I, plus my friend Trisha, signed up for the Tomball 5K Bunny Run. Our goal was to have fun and finish it. That is just what we did. In fact, we had a blast! We made bunny ears the weekend before so we would be in style with the bunny theme.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Dane and I on our way very early in the morning!
 Posing with the main man of the day, Mr. Bunny!
 I found this picture on their website.
 My favorite picture of the day!! We had escorts the whole way! It was awesome!!
After the 5K we walked two blocks over to the farmer's market and bought some goodies.