Tuesday, May 10, 2016

San Jacinto

April 23, 2016

Ed came to visit for the weekend. On Saturday, we went out to the San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte, Texas. Because it was also the weekend of the festival and the annual reenactment, we rode a shuttle ( big old yellow school bus!) to the site.

Funny but we had no idea this monument was here. 
And it is huge, impressively so.
See Dane standing on the top step?
 The monument stands in the background as Dane and Ed pose by the reflection pool.
 We visited the Mexican and Texican camp sites before the reenactment .
We heard some stories from some of the players.
We looked at artifacts from players personal collections.
Reenactment time!
If you want to know the story of the battle, click here.
After the reenactment of the 18 min battle, that took over an hour that day, we headed into the museum and air conditioning.
 It was a long hot day. we had not expected to be there that long but we made the best of it and Dane got some information for his Texas History class project. Win-win.

Oh, yes. I really was there and I bought a cute paper umbrella for shade!

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