Wednesday, April 27, 2016


April 5, 2016

Krimmel Men's Intermediate Choir participated in UIL concert and sight reading.

I signed up to chaperone and got to ride on the stuffy hot school bus with the boys. Oh, joy!
No pictures or recordings were allowed inside the building. I was able to be there for the performances. I can tell you that these boys blew me away in the concert portion. In all 3 song they had full sound, a range of dynamics, crisp rhythms, and beautiful blending. By the time they got to their A Capella piece I had giant goose bumps down my arms and legs. It was lovely!!

Walking into the sight reading room, I had no idea what to expect from the boys. Was I ever in for a treat! They owned that piece on the first run through! Who knew they could sightread like that? Incredible! And to tell the truth, I got teary eyed while they sang.

While we were waiting for the judge's scores, we took a few group photos.
Once we loaded the bus to return to Krimmel, Mr. Green gave us some great news! The boys got a 1 in concert and a 1 in sight reading! Whoohoo!! They totally deserved the top score allowed!!
 They were very excited! It was a noisy bus ride back to Krimmel! Lol!

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