Monday, March 21, 2016

Ed Goes to Colorado

Ed here.  Just a short post to share a few notes about my recent move from Texas to Colorado.  I started a new job in the middle of January 2016 with Solidyn Solutions, a small Defense company in Denver.

It's a welcome change after a stressful couple of years working at Halliburton during an unprecedented downturn in the Oil and Gas industry.  As the price of oil dropped from its peak of about $110 per barrel in late 2014 to as low as $26 a barrel in January 2016, the oil companies (including Halliburton) couldn't help but respond by laying off.  I dodged the bullet throughout 2015, but it was clear that more cuts were coming in 2016 as the industry buckles down for what will probably be a long, drawn-out recovery.  Feeling certain that more layoffs were sure to come, I started a job search in the middle of 2015.  That search ultimately brought me to Solidyn Solutions out here in Colorado.

Curiously, I'm back to the Defense industry, where I'd worked for nearly 15 years before taking my brief career departure with Halliburton.  Solidyn is a smaller company (about 80'ish people, currently) that contracts with many of the major Defense companies in the area.  It seems to be a great company that really cares about its people.  I've already been to a couple of employee appreciation events, and I've seemingly hardly even started.  (It's a good feeling when the CEO and President both know you by sight and call you by your name!  It's great to be more than an employee number again.)  Through Solidyn, I'm currently working with a terrific team at Lockheed Martin's Waterton Plant near Chatfield Lake.  The work is very hands-on, writing code as part of a very smart team, and to this point I'm really enjoying the challenge.

That's the tale that brought me out to Colorado.  I drove out here in January by myself to start the new job.  Most likely I'll be out here by myself for a while.  Having just moved into a new house in the middle of 2015, we're not yet ready to move again.  (I mean, Lisa is still unpacking!).  Lisa also wanted to be close to Mason as he finishes his senior year of high school.  And, to be honest, we both felt it would be wise to be sure my new position is very stable before committing the family to a major move halfway across the country.

So here I am, trying out a new place!

The drive out here was interesting.  I took about three days to make the trip, leaving out on Thursday, January 14th.  First I stopped in Austin to visit with Mason and Bren for a few hours.  That evening I drove up to the Denton area to see Clark and Briana once more before leaving town.  After a late breakfast with the two of them, I drove on Friday to Amarillo.  I stopped for the night in Amarillo to rest, then made it into Colorado on Saturday.  I stayed for a couple of days with Lisa's cousin, SueBarr.  (It's "SueBarr" with no space because everyone runs it together so fast.  Just "SueBarr," one word.  Hahaha.  Such a wonderful lady.)

On Monday, January 18th, I started work.

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