Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CO Spring Break Trip - Day 4- Tea Tour

March 15, 2016 continued......

Since our snow tubing plans didn't pan out, we went to Plan B- Celestial Tea Factory Tour in Boulder, Colorado. (Another free tour, thank you very much!)
 What's your pleasure? All flavors of tea for the tasting!
Selfie with the Sleepy Time Bear.
No pictures were allowed inside the factory but we were able to get a quick shot of us in our hair nets before we stepped inside. Dane was not happy about being seen in a hair net. Ha! But he soon forgot about it once the tour started.
 Inside the gift shop with his new t-shirt.
 The tour was a delight to the sense of smell. Every section had a different smell. In fact, even in the parking lot you were hit with the smell of cinnamon! It smelled like Christmas! The biggest blast to the nose was in the "Mint Room." The garage like door rolled up and we were hit with the overwhelming smell of mint. It was so strong it made our eyes burn! It was quite the experience!

Even though it wasn't what we had planned for the day, we were happy to have the tea tour as a back up activity.

We did have one little surprise as we drove away from the factory-- a field of gophers doing what gophers do best, I guess.
From there we headed to Denver for dinner at an Italian buffet place called, Cinzette's. The boys stuffed their faces.

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