Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CO Spring Break Trip - Day 4- Snow

March 15, 2016
We set out towards the Winter Park area to go snow tubing. The further out of Denver we got, the colder it got. When we arrived in the town of Empire it began to snow in earnest. We pulled over to check the Avalon tire tread because there was a snow chain advisory. While Ed checked the tires, we played in the snow.

Three out of the 4 tires met the tread requirement so we decided to keep going. That was before we really got into the mountain driving and the snow started in heavy. After sliding in the car on one of many hairpin curves, we decided Ed's Avalon could not get us to the top safely. (We later found out there was a blizzard blowing through that we were headed directly into.)

Still mesmerized by the snow, we stopped in a picnic area and played for 5 more freezing minutes. It was 10 degrees there and we Texans were not dressed properly.
 Boys will be boys- yellow snow was made!
A few attempts at sledding on a Diet Coke box were made! Silly boys!
There is something beautiful about untouched snow. 
(And birch trees! I love the birch trees!)
 The little building behind us, in the shot below, were the bathrooms. Ummmm, nope! Can you imagine how cold those potty seats would be??? Not to mention snow up to your knees on the way there!
 This is not Texas, ya'll!

 Back into the car we went, wet shoes, wet jeans and all!
Everyone but Dane wanted more so we stopped one more time close to Empire again for a few more minutes of snow play and more photos.
 The snow flakes were coming down fast and furious still.
Mason tried a little boulder climbing.
 Uh, oh! Someone landed on his back when he jumped off the boulder. Ha ha ha!
One last selfie.

A few miles down the mountain we stopped for hot chocolate. 
Perfect! Warm and chocolatey.

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