Sunday, March 27, 2016

CO Spring Break Trip - Day 3- Coors Tour

March 14, 2016 continued......

 After a quick lunch at Subway, we drove to Golden, Colorado to tour the Coors Beer Factory. It was such a popular tour that we had to wait in line at the parking lot to catch the shuttle bus to the factory.
 Once we were in the building, we were each given a hand held phone on which to listen to the tour information.
Beer Wall
Coors makes more than Coors these days.

 Copper cooking vessels.

The packaging room.
Dane got a close up view of the packaging machines.
Next came Ed's favorite part, beer tasting. People 21 and up were allowed 3 samples.
He enjoyed all 3 of his samples.
 Playing around in the gift shop.
 And we headed back to the shuttle.
Thanks for the free tour Coors!

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