Friday, March 25, 2016

CO Spring Break Trip - Day 2

March 13, 2016

We drove from Broomfield, Colorado to Manitou Springs, Colorado for the coolest thing ever! We were going to the top of Pike's Peak on a cog rail train! 8.9 miles of track leading straight to the top!
We had our tickets and we were ready to board.
The climb started gradually.
I loved the birch trees. So beautiful and different from what we are used to seeing in Texas.
Happy passengers taking it all in.
 That is us, still climbing up through the timber line.
About 3 miles from the top we were finally above the timber line.
The views become expansive and snowy.

The conductor joked that everything is not bigger in Texas. 
I mean, look at this Colorado granite gravel! We got a good chuckle out of that. Ha!
Almost to the top!
Bam! We made it! And we had 30 mins to explore!
Man, was it cold!!!!
The conductor told us that the woman who wrote "America the Beautiful" wrote it after she visited the top of Pike's Peak. No doubt. I mean, just look at this!
Another tourist kindly took our pic for us. She forgot we had feet, I guess!
I love this picture of us!
Mason, being contemplative.
Mason~ Jesus of Pike's Peak!
 We got Sue gathered up for a picture too!
Don't jump, Dane! (Actually, don't fall!)
Mason was the bravest and went rock climbing to get to that triangle in the right of this picture.
He made it back safely.
While he was there he took a picture of us standing at the VERY END of the cog rail line. Ed and Sue were talking with another guy from Houston. I was sitting on the granite taking a picture for Noah.
This is my favorite picture from the day.
Gorgeous hues of blue. Just gorgeous. 
 The train whistle blew letting us know that we needed to board for the return trip.
This way back to Manitou!
Back at the train depot we gathered our things and headed to the car.
 We had snacked on the train but were ready for some real food. We ended up having lunch/dinner at Bonefish Grill a few towns over. We were very hungry and the food was very good. From there we headed back to Sue's house. We got the fireplace roaring and settled into the warmth of the night after a wonderful day.

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