Monday, March 21, 2016

CO Spring Break Trip - Day 1

March 12, 2016

Dane and I flew from Houston to Dallas and met up at the airport with Mason who had flown from Austin to Dallas. From there, all three of us flew from Dallas to Denver to see (the much missed) Ed and enjoy some Colorado fun.

It was a happy reunion with Ed at the airport. Lots of hugs and smiles, happy to be together again for even a few days.

Once we got our luggage, we headed to my cousin Sue's house in Littlefield (just outside of Denver.) We unloaded our stuff, got the boys settled in, and took off with Sue for The Landmark Comedy Works Club 9:45pm show. We were going to see one of Ed and my favorite comedians, Rocky LaPorte!
We lucked out and got front row seats which made it even sweeter!
Look how happy we were to be there!
There were a few openers that were funny but Rocky stole the show. My face hurt from laughing!

The best part is that Rocky started talking to Sue. He asked her where she was from and we all three got Texas proud! (Well, she lives in Colorado now but she is a born and bred Texas girl!) Rocky started calling her by name, talking to her, and making eye contact with her. As it turned out, he was setting her up for the biggest laugh of the night. It all had to do with Rocky's many unnamed "Uncles" who owned stores around the country named "---- This" depending on what the store sold- like the flower store was "Smell This" and the yoga store was "Stretch This" and so on.

After many lines about his unnamed Uncles stores, throughout his set, he told Sue he had an Uncle Tony in Austin who had a vacuum store. Of course the crowd starts cackling thinking they already knowing what was coming but- NO! Rocky looked at Sue and said, " Guess what it is called, Sue. Say it Sue!" Sue yelled back, "Suck This!" Rocky said, "No! It's Tony's Vacuums!" Ha ha ha!! Hilarious! Huge laughs from everyone in the place!

What a great and funny night! We all loved it! Rocky is the best! It was wonderful to be able to catch his late show on the night we arrived because Rocky hasn't been to Texas in over 2 years!!

We got back to Sue's house slightly after midnight. Hey, it's vacation so who cares?

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