Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2nd Annual Noah's Wings 5K

February 21, 2016

This day was a big one at Lake Pflugerville. It was the 2nd annual Noah's Wings 5K celebrating the life of Noah Rodriguez and his family.
Noah doing things he loved.
Noah's family. Our friends.
Our whole family came out again this year.
Ed and I sponsored the Photo Tent this year. 
 We brought our prop box for people to use in their photos. 
 Here are a few of my favorite prop pics.
Among the many hats I wore that day, I am extremely proud of being a part of the trio that sang the "Star Spangled Banner" in the pre-event activities. 
This year we formed "Team Lucky Charms" with family and friends. 
Still loving our lime green shirts!
{6 People are missing from our team picture.}
left to right, back row- John, Lisa, Monica, Javi, Kenneth W; Erin, Clark
middle row- Michelle, Briana, Dana, Kenneth H; Andy, Ed, Daniel
bottom row- Dane, Alvin
 Here are 3 of them.
Aeren, Michelle, and Alyssa
Mason formed his own team of Hawk Band saxophone kids called,
 "Saxy & We Know It"
It was a really fun day. People came out despite the drizzle and clouds. In fact, we had 150 more registered participants than last year. That rocks! That means more money for scholarships, too!
Here are some running pictures and other fun shots of our family and teams.
Hot and sweaty guy!
Ed and Mason

Mason and teammate give a high 5.
Erin and Kenneth W.
Team Saxy & We Know It got Spike to do the Dub Pose.
Alvin, Spike, and Kenneth H.
 Andrew, Cameron, Dane, and Alvin
  Oh, yes! I was the lucky one who got to help Spike award the winners their medals. Whoop!
The winners!
(Aeren from Lucky Charms earned a medal!)

Looking forward to next!
For the love of Noah

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