Thursday, February 11, 2016


 February 10, 2016

We saw it! We saw it! We saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! Not only that, we went inside and talked to the two drivers. The drivers gave us the lowdown on their job, some wiener whistles, stickers, and postcards.
The best part of the story is the adventure that got us to the Wienermobile.

I had read online that the Wienermobile was in the Houston area. The schedule showed it being the closest to us that it would be on Wednesday from 1 to 4. On a whim, I checked Dane out of school at 2:30pm. (Shhh! Don't tell the district that the "Dr. Appt" was made up.) Dane was totally confused when he came to the office. I whisked him off before he could say anything that my expose my little white lie. (Because how many times do you get the chance to see the Wienermobile?)

We headed off with smiles and excitement to begin our afternoon adventure. We stopped for an extra special beverage for the road.
With drinks in hand, we hit the highway and were off towards Fiesta Mart to see the only heard about Wienermobile. GPS said we had a 20 min drive to get there. Unfortunately we got slowed down to a crawl thanks to a wreak on 45. Time was ticking away but we stayed the course. Finally, at 3:35pm we pulled into Fiesta Mart. The Wienermobile was nowhere to be seen!! What?!?

We pulled into a parking space to double check the Fiesta Mart address. That's when we discovered that we hadn't gone to the correct one. Eek! The clock was ticking so we reset GPS to the correct address and got back on the road. We had to make it by 4:00pm or we would be out of luck!

Of course traffic was still heavy but we were moving. Finally we hit our exit. We could see the Wienermobile from the access road but we had to make it through two looong lights to get there!! Double eek! At 3:55pm, we parked and jumped out of the car. We were so happy to have made it! We were "high fiving" as we raced up to the Wienermobile and stepped right inside the open side door. (The carpet was red with yellow lines on it. It looked like ketchup with squirts of mustard. Themed out!) Whew!

We had a nice chat with the drivers and learned all about their job. They loaded us up with goodies.  A nice lady passing by offered to take our picture in front of the Wienermobile. Yes, please!

The clock struck 4:00pm and the door to the Wienermobile closed. The drivers had packed up and were ready to drive off. We listened to the jingle play as we waved them away.

"I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
That is what I truly wish to be
Cause if I were a Oscar Mayer weiner
Everyone would be in love with me"

We were seriously bubbly and excited. It was so fun and funny! We had a great afternoon adventure and can now say that we saw the Wienermobile! Check!

(Before you ask- no, we did not have hotdogs for dinner! ha!)

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