Monday, February 1, 2016

Oma's 101st Birthday

January 2, 2016

O'ma turned 101 years old. Amazing! The special birthday party/luncheon was held in New Braunfels at Wayne and Lally's house.

But first giant balloons!
 O'ma received 125 birthday cards, by her actual birthday date, from all over the country. Awesome! (More on the cards in another post.)
 She also received an extra special letter from the White House!
After a home made meal of chili and fixings it was birthday cake time. And not any old cake, German Chocolate Cake, which is O'ma's favorite!
 Party guests pictures
Phillip, Trina, Sue, Ed, ?, ?
 Clark, Briana, Alejandra, Andy, Dane, Elizabeth, Mason, Michelle, and Dana
 ?, Lally, Charles
 Susie, Wayne, Joe, Bill
 ?, Joyce, O'ma
 Michelle and Lisa
 A lovely photo of the party hostess Lally.
 The party ended with a phone call to her brother, Bob, out in Oregon.
 Happy Birthday Dear O'ma!

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