Sunday, February 14, 2016


February 13, 2016

The Sam Houston State Park is about a 40 minute drive North of us. Dane and I plus Andy, Ellie, and Iris loaded up with a picnic and headed out for a hiking adventure on Saturday.  Warm with a slight breeze, the weather was perfect!

 We stopped for pup water breaks and took a few pictures along the way. Beautiful scenery!
 Thanks to the "my tracks" ap we were able to map our route that ended up at 4 miles. 
We found a picnic table/spot by the water. The dogs worked on some meat wrapped raw hid sticks while we fueled up.
 We took each pup off leash one at a time to get some good photos. Andy was a perfect pup model while the girls where not very willing to be still for the camera! Silly girls!
 Just across the highway stands the Sam Houston Statue. We drove over to check it out up close. 
It is massive!
 Time to head home. Andy and Iris crashed in the back. Ellie crashed on my lap. 

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