Monday, February 29, 2016

Dane's 13th Birthday

February 28, 2016

That says it all. No more children only teens and young adults in this family. A true milestone for us.

To celebrate Dane's big day, we had a small party at It'z. It'z is a video game arcade/bumper cars/claw games/pizza buffet place. It was Dane's first choice for his gathering of friends. I bought them each an unlimited pass that included the buffet, bumper cars, and the video games. We were at It'z for 4 hours.
Here is the gang
Gavin, Ryan, Dane, Jaden, Jorge
 Dane and Jaden try to win at a claw game. No luck.
 Ryan plays a cube stacking game.
 Jaden and Dane "ride" a mad wave motion game.
 Gavin raced cars.
 Jorge and Ryan raced cars too. 
I wouldn't dare ride with any of them after seeing them drive on the game!
 Jaden and Dane play transformer shooting game.
 The gang waits for a turn on the bumper cars.
 And they are off!
 Cookie Cake time. 13 candles sure light up the table!
 Dane got all the candles out in one blow!
 Jorge gave Dane the funniest gift. It was a Dora the Explorer video called, "Puppy Party." The surprise was that inside the DVD case there was a gift card the Game Stop. The boys got a good laugh over that gift!
 This picture is cool. Jorge was taking a picture of Dane using his phone. I took a picture of Jorge's screen. Cool, right?
 Dane received many great gifts, gift cards, and cash. He was a happy birthday boy.
 This collage sums up the fun party. 
The boys had a great time and all got along so well together.
Happy birthday to my favorite 13 year old!

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