Monday, January 25, 2016

New Orleans Trip- Day 2- Part 2

December 22, 2015
~Part two~

We had reservations for dinner at Emeril Lagasse's Restaurant NOLA on St Louis Street at 7pm on Tuesday night. We got dressed up and posed for pictures in the hotel lobby before catching a cab.
Clark & Briana
Ed and Lisa
The whole family
This was a beautiful two story restaurant. We rode up to our table in a glass elevator and were greeted by a team of servers who escorted us to our round table for 6. It was so nice, I felt guilty for even sneaking pictures. But I did and they aren't great shots. Hee hee!

We told the kids they could have what ever they wanted, nothing off limits. Clark started with a martini.
We ordered Emeril's famous BBQ shrimp as an appetizer to share.
A Shirley Temple for the lad.
Clark and Mason had hickory roasted duck, Briana has shrimp and grits, Ed had a New York strip, Dane had buttermilk fried chicken, and I had garlic crusted grits. Delicious! Everyone enjoyed their food 100%.

We got tickled at the level of fancy in this place. The service team was uber attentive.Your water glass never got below half empty before it was filled back up. Your bread plate was never empty. When you left to visit the ladies or gents room, your napkin was refolded and set neatly at your place while you were away. We felt like royalty and completely enjoyed our fancy night out.

From the restaurant we walked to the French Market area. We looked out over the Mississippi from Washington Artillery Park and Jackson Square and admired the lights on St Louis Cathedral.
 Unfortunately, the rain started again so we caught a cab back to the hotel to dress down.

Dane and I called it a night and put on our PJ's. Ed took the older kids for an enlightening walk down Bourbon Street after dark. They couldn't go in to the clubs or bars due to Mason and Briana being under 21 but they got an eye full nontheless.

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