Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Orleans Trip- Day 3

December 23, 2015

Day three in New Orleans was our blue shirt matching day! Aren't we adorable? 

We bought day passes for the trolley to get around. What a great deal. $3 a person for 24 hours rocks! Here we are at our first stop of the day, one block down from our hotel.
Our first activity for day was The National WWII Museum. The museum has 4 buildings each with multiple floors and packed with information, news footage, and memorabilia. It was incredible!
When you arrive, you are given a dog tag of an actual WWII military member. As you go along, you check into phone/computer banks to see pictures and hear pieces of your soldier's life story . It makes it very personal. We were each engaged in our person the whole day.
The museum is beautifully done. At every turn there is something to see, hear, and read about this important time in American history.
We had planned to stay at the museum for a couple of hours. Man, were we ever wrong. We stayed from 10am, paused for lunch at a restaurant on site, to closing time at 5pm. Again, beautifully done and worth the visit.
After the museum, we rode the trolley back to the hotel to freshen up. The boys changed out of  their blue matchy shirts. (Whatever!)

Later, back on the trolley, we headed down to Cafe Du Monde. Finally, we were going to have beignets!!
We made it! No rain and no lines! Score!

We were all in sugar heaven! Yum, yum! From there we window shopped as we walked down Decatur Street. Of course, we were pulled into a candy store called, "Rocket Fizz." The boys bought some fancy sodas with their spending money.
One more trolley ride for the night!
One last stop for the night at the gorgeously decorated Waldorf Astoria-Roosevelt Hotel. It was the perfect place for a group photo or two.
It was a block's walk back to our hotel where we crashed and burned for the night. It was a long day and a good day.

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