Monday, January 25, 2016

New Orleans Trip- Day 2- Part 1

December 22, 2015
Up and at 'em! Good morning New Orleans!

We started our day on foot walking from our hotel all the way down Canal Street to the Mississippi River. It was a little humid and a lot foggy!
Lots of fog!
Our first stop was the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas that backs up to the river.
Inside, we were treated to all kind of aquatic life in different parts of the building. 
Group shot- and Dane closed his eyes!
 He was scary looking with his steel blue eyes!
Ed took a ton of pictures of this Lion Fish. He was amazed by the creature. This is the best photo from his efforts.
Tough boys, tough boys. What'cha gonna do when Jaws comes for you?
Back to the fish.....
.......and friendly penguins!
Yes, we touched the sting rays in the touch tank. We were brave and they were slippery!
We saw a couple of interesting creatures in this one particular tank. We have no idea what they might be or from where they hail.
Mason has mad fishing skills!
Who will blink first?
The always beautiful jelly fish.
Cuteness overload!
From the Aquarium we walked over to Mother's Restaurant (opened in 1938). Clark has read online about it. He was psyched about trying it as it is a long time New Orleans original.
I ordered the Tuesday special of corned beef and cabbage.
Ed and Briana opted for their famous Po' Boys.
After lunch we walked back to the hotel for an afternoon break. Our Texas toes needed a rest!

Later that afternoon we got the car and headed down to the French Market area. Unfortunately, it had started to rain so we changed our plans and drove over to the Craig Tracy Art Gallery. To my utter delight Craig was on site! (Apparently, I screamed something like, "Oh my God! You are here!" when I saw him initially. That's what the kids say anyway!) 

Craig and his brother, Phil, who runs the gallery were super friendly. We talked about Craig's body paintings, his TV appearances as a judge on Skin Wars, art, New Orleans, L.A; and Texas! We bought a numbered and signed print that I adore! Craig posed with us for a photo and gave me hug on our way out. It was such a delight! Made my star struck day!
~End of part one~

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