Monday, January 18, 2016

New Orleans- Trip Day 1

December 21, 2015

The week of Christmas was the perfect time for us to all get together and take a little road trip. We packed up and headed off to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Here we are, having crossed the state line, standing in front of Lake Charles. It was a little foggy and a little rainy but we were happy to be in Louisiana!
 This monkey made it to the top of the state sign!
 We visited the alligator area at the rest stop. We did not take a swim!
Further down the road-- Lunch stop!
 Rainy day bridge and traffic photo!
Whew! We made it to our hotel in the French Quarter! We got unpacked and headed out for a walk and dinner.
 Canal Street is a famous street in downtown New Orleans. 
We were there!
 And here is the cross street at Bourbon Street.
 We stopped for dinner at original location of the Acme Oyster House on Iberville Street. They are known for their fresh Louisiana oysters but none of us actually ordered them! Ha!We did all order seafood of one kind or the other.
We want food! We want food!
Hungry tourists ready for seafood!
 It had been lightly raining since we arrived but while we were eating, the skies opened up dropping buckets of cold rain! We popped into a CVS and bought some umbrellas. Here Clark and Briana share a green umbrella. (Go, Eagles!)
Even with the umbrellas, our shoes, socks, and bottoms of our pants were soaked. We decided that was a sign that is was time to end the day.

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