Sunday, January 31, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning found us lounging in our PJs around the Christmas tree.
It was stocking time! Thanks, Santa!
 Present time!
 Ugh! Paper and boxes everywhere!
 We played the Saran Wrap Ball Game. Super fun and super fast.
Prizes are wrapped up in the Saran Wrap Ball. The person with the ball begins unwrapping it. Any prizes that fall out while it is their turn are theirs to keep. At the same time, the person on their left begins rolling 2 die at the same time. The minute they roll a pair of any number, the Saran Wrap Ball is passed to them and they pass the die to the left. It keeps going until the center of the ball is reached.

Here is the ball at the beginning of the game.
 Prizes of gift cards candy and more!
 We also played a Paper Plate Drawing game. Without taking the plate off your head you have to draw a Christmas scene as described by the judge. The person with the best drawing (Ed) won a gift card. The person with the messiest drawing (Dane) won a box of candy. Fun, fun!
 We had a nice Christmas meal of ham and sides in the late afternoon.

It was so nice to be with everyone for fun and presents! Merry Christmas to all!

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