Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ed Sheeran Concert

Back in August, I was out shopping for school supplies when the radio station I was listening to announced they were giving away a pair of concert tickets to the twelfth caller to see Ed Sheeran in September. I pulled into the parking lot and called the contest line number. Low and behold, I was caller 12!! I was shocked and excited!

On September 3rd, I met my new friend Trisha at the BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston. We were both happy to be there, in the outdoor stadium, despite the heat, which finally cooled off when the sun went down.
Christina Perri and Jamie Lawson opened the show. They were both very good. I recognized a couple of Christina Perri's songs. Jamie Lawson is new but I expect he will become "somebody" in the music world very soon.

We had a great time. The show was entertaining as were the teen girls to my right who were scream-singing every word to every one of Ed Sheeran's songs. Ha!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Day of School

Dane started 7th grade at Krimmel Intermediate School. Here are his Back-to-School, first day pictures.
 The bus stops in front of our yard so it is an easy on and off for him.
 Mason started Hendrickson as a Senior this year. 
Here is his Back-to-School, 3rd day photo.
Clark started back to UNT as a senior. That makes him a 16th grader, he says.
Here is his Back-to-School, first week photo. His sweet girlfriend, Briana, poses with him.
It was Friday Pride Day so they are both in UNT shirts.

Summer Band Concert

Summer band camp comes to an end with a performance on the football field for parents and Hawk Band fans. The marching show this year is called, "Lost." See the giant saxophones in the back? One of those is Mason. His best bud Joel is next to him, both of them in Hawk caps.

Ed and Dane met Lally and Wayne in Pflugerville for the performance on a Saturday morning.

 After their performance, the parents are called down to join in a warm up and marching lesson. Ed went down for the fun.
 Joel's dad took a snap shot of Ed and Mason. I will have to see about getting a copy of that picture.
Enough talking! Warm up!
 Now that they are warmed up the kid entrust their instruments to the parents.
 They teach them a few steps from the show.
 Off they go!
 After the performance Ed, Mason, Dane, Grandlally, and Grandad went out for lunch at Casa Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. That was one of our regular dining places when we lived in Pflugerville.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mason's Letter Jacket

Mason lettered in band and academics at Hendrickson his sophomore year. Since we were moving from Pflugerville, he opted to pass on it. 

Fast forward a few months and Mason is back to finish part of his junior year and all of his senior year at Hendrickson. Now he wants his letter jacket!

Over the summer we drove to the office of the company that makes the HHS letter jackets. We had him measured and got it ordered just the way he wanted it. They even mailed it to him at Nanny's house.

Doesn't he look great in that navy and silver letter jacket? I think so!

 "SKWAH" is Hawks backwards. Don't ask me. He thought it was funny.
Bring on the cold weather!
Yay, Mason!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Moving again

The weekend of August 18th was a busy sweaty weekend of moving out of the rental on Brush Hill and into our newly purchased home on Skyhaven. Same neighborhood and just around the corner but a ton of work nonetheless. Luckily, we had friends come to town to help and a truck on loan for the weekend.

Here are a few pictures of the process. 
We treated our movers to pizza on Saturday and crepes at Coco's on Sunday. I snapped a couple of pics at Coco's.
And to keep things complicated, we also had to get Clark's things packed and loaded for his move back to Denton the next day. We wore our Mean Green shirts in support.
Ed and Clark drove up to Denton on Monday morning for the big move into Clark's (and two roommates) new apartment.

Apartment pics to follow......