Monday, August 17, 2015

So Long Tonsils

Dane has had several rounds of sickness with tonsils and allergies. The last big round happened in May. His tonsils hit "grade 4," which is the biggest they can be. He was sick for a full week and missed 4 full days of school. Two doctor visits and two rounds of strong antibiotics later, we ended up in the office of an ENT specialist.

The specialist took one look in Dane's mouth and said, "Those are never going to go down. They have to come out." The appointment was faster than the wait to get in the exam room! So we scheduled the tonsillectomy for August 4th. It was later changed to August 6th due to the doctor's schedule.

On that Thursday morning, we  arrived at the Humble Surgical Center at 5:27am. Dane was the first patient called back. (We were told they like to get the youngest patients in first so they don't have to wait any longer than necessary. That worked for us.)

It was quick work getting Dane ready for surgery. He was so cute in his blue ensemble, complete with matching hat, that I had to get a few photos.
Oh, no! They gave him too much laughing gas!
Nope, wait! It was the Sponge Bob cartoon playing on the TV that did it!
 I was so proud of Dane. He was laid back and relaxed about the whole thing leading up to the surgery. A few days prior, I asked him if he was nervous. He answered, "No, I know this will make me feel better so I am good with it."

Another proud moment happened when the anesthesiologist talked with Dane about the IV. He offered him a choice about getting it placed once he was under or letting the assistant put it in while he was awake so they could start the "comfort meds immediately." We left it completely up to Dane. In the end, when the assistant came in, Dane agreed to let him have a try. Luckily, the topical anesthetic worked beautifully and Dane reported only feeling a little sting. Yay!

As they wheeled Dane away, he got a little scared and teared up a little. Brave kid, that one! Surgery is scary, indeed.

Ed and I walked across the street to a Starbucks for a drink and then settled in the waiting room. Before either of us finished our drinks, the doctor was back to tell us it was over! So fast!! The doctor said, "Those tonsils were huge! Everyone in the ER was checking them out and talking about how big they were!" Then he said, "Usually after a tonsillectomy we send the tonsils off to pathology but these were so big we are sending them to the Smithsonian!" Funny guy!

Within 15 minutes of that conversation we were back in a room with Dane who was mostly awake. It didn't take long for him to fully awaken. (He is like his Mom and comes out of anesthesia quickly.) He was released after eating some ice chips and some pudding.

We got him home and expected him to sleep most of the day. He didn't sleep any of the day!!! He was playing video games from the couch acting like nothing had happened. Yay, morphine!

But the next day, even with a steady stream of codeine meds through the night, it hit him. He was hurting and sore. For the next 4 days he laid on the couch and played video games while eating jello, slushies, popsicles, and pudding cups. By day 5, he turned the corner. He suddenly had energy and wanted to be up and try different foods like mashed potatoes and room temp chicken noodle soup.

Here we are 11 days out and all is well. Dane's throat is almost completely healed. He is eating everything he wants except extra hard/crunchy things like chips. We don't want anything to scratch the scabs and cause bleeding.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Just around the corner is the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, which hosts the Houston Symphony. Once a month, they put on a sponsored show/concert which means it is free to sit in the mezzanine or on the lawn. And parking is free, too.

We have taken advantage of this musical experience opportunity. We have even taken some company with us. (forgive the photo quality- camera phone)

07/30/2015 Michael Cavanaugh: Music of the Great Singer-Songwriters with the Houston Symphony

06/12/2015 Disney in Concert: Tale as Old as Time

05/29/2015 The Music of Led Zeppelin with the Houston Symphony

04/22/2015 The Peking Acrobats with the Houston Symphony
We have enjoyed each performance we have attended. We plan to attend more in the coming months.