Monday, April 27, 2015

Pup Hike

On Sunday afternoon, we took the pups out for an off leash hike. They had a ball! They loved getting time to explore, sniff, run, and pee on everything.

I took my camera and got a few pics. It is hard to get good shots when the pups are so active. They don't like to sit and pose for me. Imagine!

 Here are a couple of more shots that were ok or funny. 
Ellie and her tongue crack me up!
 Iris was the hardest to photograph. She is so fast and so wiggly.
Surprisingly, she loved the water. She was the only one to go into the water to get across the creek.
Sweet Andy!
 He just loves being out and on the go. He has the calmest disposition.
Dane had a good time exploring, too. Climbing the waterfall wall was his favorite.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Japan Fest/Hail

April 19, 2015 was an interesting day.

We met up with the Rodriguez family for some fun. We all rode the metro train to downtown Houston (see bottom right corner pic). We crossed one street and we were in Herman Park for "Japan Fest." It was a great place for people watching and cultural shopping. Dane posed with a video game character (see top right pic), Dane and Bel waded in the water, (see bottom left pic), Bel bought a pretty pink Japanese umbrella, and we all drank yummy Bubble Tea (see top left pic)! Then we rode the metro train back to the cars.

From there we went to have a late lunch at Barnaby's Cafe. Good food, good company, and colorful art work of Barnaby the sheep dog. I even scored a free piece of carrot cake for my birthday. Whoop!

A few hours later, back in Spring...... Oh, hell! We've got hail!

It came on fast and furious, delivering good size solid balls of frozen ice. It was incredible to watch, bouncing everywhere!
 What a day! :-)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kidney Stone

Thursday night, I went to bed thinking I had a Urinary Tract Infection. I took some over-the-counter meds. and drank a large glass of cranberry juice before I fell to sleep. Around 3:15am, I jolted awake with a mysterious and severe pain in my lower left back. Initially, I thought it was UTI related and that I need a good bathroom session to feel better but over the next 20 minutes, the pain went quickly from a "8" to a "10." I woke up Ed at that point. He woke Dane and away we went to the closest ER. The pain from sitting in the car was unbearable. Luckily, it wasn't too far away and they weren't busy- my pain tolerance had hit the maximum I could stand. It hurt to breath. It hurt to stand. It hurt to sit. It HURT!

I don't remember much detail once we got to the ER. I know I was asked to pee in a cup and was only able to get out about 4 drops for them. My eyes were closed and I was focused on not screaming from the pain. A quick assessment from the doctor, 2 heavy duty pain pills and a shot later, I had my first CT scan. The result of which showed I had my first kidney stone.

So, I was sent home with 2 kinds of pain meds,  2 kinds of antibiotics, bladder relaxers, and a urine strainer. I was told the stone was small enough to pass on it's own and I should watch for it. They said it could take up to 2 to 3 days to pass.We left the ER around 7am. I was practically pain-free thanks to the meds!

I was able to sleep for a few hours once at the house. Then later that afternoon, without fan fair or pain, the stone passed. I only know because of the strainer. It is amazing that a 1.2 millimeter(ish) stone can cause that huge and intense pain.

After a good night's sleep on Friday night, I was back to 90% normal. Whew!

Easter Weekend

 Dane was out of school on Thursday and Friday for Easter break. On Thursday, we ran some errands and caught a movie at the theater with the awesome leather reclining seats. Whoop!

Mason was out of school on Friday only. He drove Mom down on Friday afternoon for the Easter weekend. On Friday night, Ed took them all to Don Bigotes for their delicious street tacos and beans. Seriously the best! (See the "Kidney Stone" post as to why I didn't join them.)

On Saturday morning, we all got up and headed out to the Tomball Farmer's Market. We loaded up on fresh vegetable and nuts. Love this Saturday morning activity.
We did a little shopping in a couple of stores in downtown Tomball.
Mom found a cute top in her favorite color on clearance. Yay!
After all that walking and shopping, we headed off for brunch. 
Mom looks like an Elton John wanna-be in those funny sunglasses I had laying around in the van.
We ended up at one of my favorite local places called Allô French Rotisserie, in Vintage Park.
Mason ordered french toast topped with fresh fruit. He cleaned his plate in lip smacking delight.
 Dane ordered rotisserie chicken and fries. He cleaned his plate as well.
Mom ordered cheese grits with braised brisket. She too gobbled it down.
I didn't get photos but Ed ordered Croque Monsieur (open-faced ham, Gruyère, mornay, Dijon mustard, sliced country bread) and fries. And I had my absolute favorite, Curry Chicken Salad. So yummy!

Back at the house, Dane and Nanny began dying Easter eggs. Mason went to the bike park and I started prepping and cooking for Sunday's Easter feast. Ed took a nap!

On Sunday, we had an egg hunt in the back yard. What fun! Even the dogs were out sniffing for candy!

Uh, oh! Someone found some confetti eggs!
They didn't wait long to open the eggs and discover their sweet treats.
Dane was in charge of games. He had several games set up for us including this riddle game he made for the occasion.....
 an egg toss game.....
 a dress up game....
 and a game of Chicken Foot!
We had an Easter feast of glazed ham, purple mashed potatoes, jalapeno sweet potatoes, cheese grits, green beans, roasted basil carrots, deviled eggs, and yeast rolls. (We will be eating left overs all week and then some!)

As a final activity, Dane and Nanny decorated buckets as hats. They were artistically creative and got cute results.
 It was a fun weekend. We enjoyed our time with Mom and Mason.