Monday, January 19, 2015

First Job

Congratulations to Mason who started his first job as a Courtesy Clerk at Krogers today. He will be a great bagger and carry-out boy!
 Love the name tag!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cement, Trim, and Doors

The weather cleared up and sun peeked out this weekend so we drove out to see if any progress had been made. Yep!

On Friday Dane and I discovered that cement had been poured giving us a driveway, sidewalk and path to the front porch.
 On the inside we found that the sheet rock had been taped, floated, and textured.
It definitely smelled like it too!
This is a picture of two walls in the laundry room.

On Saturday, we took Ed out to see the progress and we were surprised to find even more had been done!

The garage door had been installed.
 Interior doors had been hung and trim work had been started. Whoop!
 In this picture you can see the shelve work in Clark's soon-to-be closet.
 The biggest surprise was that the wood floor on the balcony had been installed. It was mostly a surprise because we had completely forgotten about the wood flooring being there in the first place!
It is exciting to see things coming together. Next should be paint, cabinets, and tile work. Can't wait!

100th Birthday Celebration- Day 2

Saturday was the formal party day. Many family members and friends of the family arrived in New Braunfels for the celebration.

Different people took pictures with my camera. I am so glad they did. I have several good shots of O'ma with her family members in attendance.
Bob Symank (O'ma's brother/last living sibling) and O'ma.
Uncle Bob lives in Oregon. We were so happy he was able to make the trip!
Joyce and Charles Symank (O'ma's nephew and niece-in-law) and O'ma.
Craig and Susan Long (O'ma's granddaughter and grandson-in-law) and O'ma.
Craig and Susan flew in from Wisconsin.
My wild bunch with O'ma.
My wild bunch along with Briana, Clark's girlfriend. 
We were very happy to have her join us.
Lally and Wayne Jennings (O'ma's son and daughter-in-law) and O'ma.
 The Gause family with O'ma.
Jimmie Ann (O'ma's daughter) flew in from Iowa. Steve, Kyra, (O'ma's grandson and granddaughter-in-law) Spencer, and Claire (O'ma's great grandchildren) flew in from Nebraska. 
Kathy (O'ma's granddaughter) drove in from Conroe.
 The lunch was catered by Rudy's BBQ. There was sausage, brisket, creamed corn, beans, and fixings. It was very good. After everyone was finished eating, we moved to the entertainment part of the party.
I love this picture! O'ma is reading a letter that Willard Scott from the NBC Today Show wrote to her on the occasion of her 100th birthday. The letter was precious. (If I can get a copy, I will post it here later.) She teared up as she said "I knew I was special, but not this special."
Cake time!
There was chocolate and vanilla from which to choose! Yum!
O'ma blew both candles out! I wonder what she wished for?
And then she cut her own piece right out of the middle!
 While folks enjoyed their birthday cake, Wayne, Jimmie Ann, Laurie, and I sang the John Denver song, "For Baby/For Bobby." It is very special to serenade your 100 year old grandmother!
Then Mason accompanied me on guitar as I sang, "Sweet, Sweet Smile" by The Carpenters.
I am so glad I sang for O'ma. It is something I will treasure and remember for all my days. And what a treat to have my boy Mason playing by my side.
Here is O'ma's sweet, sweet smile as the song ended! Hooray to Ed for getting this photo! Special barely begins to describe it.
Wayne sang a song he wrote about his mother, O'ma. There wasn't a dry eye in the place by the end of the song!
That concluded the party. But there was an after party show in the lobby for anyone that wanted to hang around and listen to some more picking and singing.
 O'ma had a fun day. 
How lucky for us to be able to celebrate the special day with her!

 Several people worked hard to make the party a success. My part was the dessert table decorations (not the baking though). I hand made the board and cut all the pieces/letters that went in and on it. Ed built a PCV pipe stand to hold the board up. We did good! We were happy to contribute to making the party special!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

100th Birthday Celebration- Day 1

January 2nd marked my dear grandmother, O'ma's, 100th birthday! What a special day for her! What a great reason to celebrate in a big way!

The first party was held on Friday, January 2nd. Eden Hill Communities, where O'ma lives, threw a 100th birthday reception for the family and some of O'ma's friends who live in the same community. They served German Chocolate Cake, which is O'ma's favorite, nuts, cookies, and punch.
O'ma greeting guests.
 Aunt Jim and the birthday girl!
 Briana and Clark, who are an official couple. :-) We love her already!
 Friday night 53 people, all in town for the big party the following day, had dinner at Clear Springs Restaurant. They are famous for their catfish and onion rings. We also gave the fried pickles a try. The basket was empty post haste!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Highlights

Christmas was in Spring, Tx. this year. Nanny and Poppy came to visit and spend Christmas Eve and day with us.

On Christmas Eve, I cooked a 17 lb turkey with a few traditional sides. It was delicious.

On Christmas morning, Dane woke everyone up around 7am even though he had promised not to wake anyone up until 8am. He was too excited to wait any longer, he claimed.

 Clark's highlights. 
Don't trust him until he has his degree! :-)
 Oh, yes we did! An eagle hat for a UNT Eagle.
" I wanna go fast" should be Clark's middle name!
 Gee! A box of corn flakes. Really??
 Psyche! It's a new phone!
 Dane's highlights.
Hey, look! We found his marbles!
Dane and his pile 'o presents.
New PJ's for the fast growing boy!
 That is an interesting shaped present. I wonder what it could be?
A skateboard? Who would have guessed that?
 Mason's highlights. 
Bacon bowls for the bacon kid!
 Gee! A box of dog food. Really??    
Psyche! It's a new phone, too!
 That is a GAINT Reese's! Ummmm, yum! You better share!
 New jeans to replace the jeans he has torn up at the bike park!
 Nanny's highlights.
Tweet! Tweet!
 New jewelry from Dane.
 Ed's highlights.
Big Bang Theory Clue!! Ed's favorite show!
 A new electric blanket for Mr. Freeze. Lol!
My highlights.
 A gift from me to me. I wonder what I got myself?
 Surprise! (Not!) A canvas of a pic of my boys. Love!
 Puppy kisses from Iris!
 Roger didn't join us until a few hours later so we didn't get any pics of him opening his gifts.

It was a very good Christmas, indeed.