Thursday, November 12, 2015

Senior Night

Mason's last football marching performance was to be at the last home football game on Friday, October 30th. "Senior Recognition Night" was supposed to take place before the game. Ed took off work and we got Dane out of school early so that we could be there for the big night. Due to horrible rain and flooding conditions, the game was postponed.

So "Senior Recognition Night" was rescheduled to November 6th and held in the school cafeteria. Other obligations (coming soon in another blog post) kept Dane and I in Houston but Ed was able to take off again and make the trip. My mom was able to attend too.

"Senior Recognition Night" is all about celebrating the Seniors as they finish up their last marching season. Each senior is called up to the stage, along with the family in attendance, and one of the director reads some tidbits about them.

When Mason was called up, the director said, "Mason is joined by his father, grandmother, and brother Joel." Mason was given a flag that represents this year's marching show called, "Lost" and a paper that lists all the band accomplishments and awards over the last 4 years.
 When is was Joel's turn on stage, the director said, "Joel is joined by his dads and his brother Mason." Too cute!
We are proud of Mason and Joel and all the seniors!
Congratulations on 4 great years Hawk Band!

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