Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Makers Fair

On November 14th Ed, Dane and I headed down to the Mini Makers Fair in the Houston Convention Center.  We were not really sure what to expect. As it turned out, it was one big Nerdvana event. Dane and Ed were in heaven!

Here are a few pictures of a few of the cool activities they saw/participated in.

Giant bubbles
 Gummy Bear Catapults
 Make your own pinball machine.
 Air powered rockets
 Remote control robots
 High school robot arena for battles.
 The singing fish art car.
(Can't wait to see the art car parade in April!)
 An R2-D2 type robot.
Hands on building- a dinosaur pin with a flashing LED light. 
Dane did a good job with the sauntering gun.
 The finished product.
 Do it yourself printing press.
 The finished product and one happy boy!

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