Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

Halloween night found us spread out across Texas. We still got into the spirit of the holiday and had fun.

Mason's band hosted a Halloween event early since the band had a marching contest on the 31st. Mason and Joel went as Pedro and Napoleon from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. They won second prize in the costume contest though I hear they were the favorite of the adults. 
 Back in Spring, we decorated the outside of the house with a graveyard and lots of lights.
 Ed used his skills and fixed my beloved witch, whose eyes had stopped lighting up.
Dane made his own ninja costume out of black t-shirts and duct tape. Clever kid. On Halloween night his year Dane tricker-or-treated with his buddies Jorge and Gavin but no one took a group photo. Sad face.
 Clark and Briana attended a friend's Halloween party in Denton dressed as TJ and Spinelli from the animated series "Recess."

 Good job everyone! Happy Halloween!

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