Friday, November 13, 2015

Billy Joel Concert

While Ed and Mason were celebrating band seniors (see last post) Dane and I were in Spring. We had plans with Grandad and Grandlally, who drove up.

Dane and Grandlally went to Zio's for dinner and to see the new Peanuts movie at the cool theater with the red leather recliner seats. (Sorry, no pics.)

Grandad and I headed down to the Toyota Center in downtown Houston to hear the rock legend, the piano man himself, Billy Joel in concert! After going to the wrong building 2 blocks away, we made it here.... our first time in the Toyota Center. (Side note- our building mistake actually made for a great parking situation!)
We got a semblance of dinner, popcorn and a hotdog, and took our seats. By the time the concert started, it was a packed house, even full behind the stage! Here are a few pics I took.
The concert was great! Billy still has a great voice! You could tell he was having fun on stage and engaging with the audience. He is a master at what he does! He even played several songs from Texas musicians. Bonus!

After the song, "Piano Man," marking the end of the concert, the crowd was on their feet clapping and whooping for Billy to come back. He did! And he performed 4 more songs, including "Uptown Girl," which Wayne title this photo of me. Lol!
 Here are a few pictures I swiped from a Toyota Center post.
 I also swiped these articles, about the concert, from a Toyota Center post. Lots of great detail for memory sake.

Billy Joel played the hits, of course, Friday at Toyota Center. His five-decade career includes some of the most recognizable tunes in the pop song canon: "My Life," "New York State of Mind," "Piano Man." That would have been enough for the sell-out crowd. But Joel, 66, wasn't content with straightforward nostalgia. He imbued his show with wit, humor and lots of Texas love. He led the crowd through a bit of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and referenced artists from the state throughout his set. - Houston Chronicle

One thing you can say about Billy Joel: he certainly has multi-generational appeal. ... His almost three-hour concert featuring 30 songs provided a satisfying retrospective of a career that's produced over 150 million albums sold and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ... Just to keep things interesting, Joel paid tribute to some of Texas's most celebrated rock icons with eight cover tracks: everything from Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" to Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" and "Tush" by Houston's own ZZ Top. He also allowed the audience to choose two deeper cuts by applause, "Vienna" and "The Ballad of Billy the Kid." - CultureMap Houston

Set list from Billy Joel Toyota Center Houston, TX concert November 6, 2015

Poster from Billy Joel Toyota Center Houston, TX concert November 6, 2015

We arrived back in Spring right around midnight. Ed had just gotten back and Lally was still awake. Dane was sacked out. It was a great night!!

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