Friday, October 16, 2015

Shogun Birthday

Mason's birthday and Wayne's (Grandad) birthday are 2 days apart. So we all met up in Pflugerville at the Shogun Restaurant to celebrate their special days.

Here are the birthday boys.
 And here are the presents!
 Food time!
It is fun to watch the chefs cook on the hibachi grills.
 The birthday boys try to catch a piece of cooked egg in their mouth. Success!
 "It's your birthday!" 
"No, it's your birthday!"
 Make a wish!
 Group shot!
lf to rt- Bren, Roger, Dane, Ed, Lally, Wayne, Lisa, Mason, Hayden, Sebastian, John, Laurie
Grandad and Dane goof around with birthday hats.
 Uncle Jon gets in on the fun, Madonna style.
 Good food, good fun, good company.
Happy birthday boys!

Mason couldn't wait to get his present from Grandad and Grandlally on his car so he started working on his new bike rack in the restaurant parking lot.

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