Monday, October 5, 2015

Peter Pan 360

I found a discount ticket website called "Gold Star." So far we have used it twice to purchase play tickets. For the play "Dogfight," our 1/2 price tickets netted us 3rd row center seats. For "Peter Pan 360," we were on Row L, which seems high up until you factor in that the actors spend time on wires to fly about. As it turned out, our 1/2 price seats were great because in this "theater in the round," there were no bad seats. Score again!

Dane and I were excited to see this performance after reading several complementary reviews. We had a chance to get a photo in front of the play screen.

About this photo- Dane says he is smiling on the inside. He was more focused on getting popcorn than smiling. Ha!
The pre-show consisted of sea chanteys. What do you do with a drunken sailor?
These guys were really good and we found ourselves singing along. 
It was very cool to see the 360 projection moving on the walls around us as the characters were suspended in mid air. The effect made you feel as if your were indeed watching someone flying. 

Tinker Bell, Micheal, Peter Pan, Wendy, and John fly through the air.
 Captain Hook and the his men plotting to get Peter Pan.
Forgive the quality of the photos. These were taken on a cell phone.

My review: This 360 play was a visual treat. Just gorgeous. It stayed true to the original story. The use of minimal props and rotating holes in the stage floor was genius. The 360 projections brought it to a new level of theater experience for us.

"Living is an adventure!" -Peter Pan

After the show Dane and I tried out a place new to us called, "Jus' Mac." You guessed it. A macaroni and cheese restaurant. Yum, yum!

Dane ordered the "Chili Cheese Mac." (Chili, beans, and cheese topped with Fritos)
 I ordered the "Cheese and Chong Mac." (Chicken, mushrooms, pesto, topped with french fried onions.)
Good stuff!

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