Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hawks March

On August 26th, we drove to Cedar Park to watch Mason and the Hawk Band compete in the Bands of America Marching Contest. There was a total of twenty-two bands in the contest, and we all had to suffer through the hot and sunny day!

 The Hawks line up on the side of the field ready to perform this year's marching show entitled, "Lost."
Starting position makes the shape of a compass.

 Four ships sail off in each direction.
 Mason is center and second row to the back in this photo.
 Another couple of full band shots.

 After their performance, the entire band and color guard gathered for a group photo. 
That was a lot of hot and sweaty kids!
 After the group photo, we snuck a moment to hug on Mason and Joel.
Results- Ten bands make finals. The Hawks placed 3rd in their division earning them a place in the finals. Yay! 

The Hawks performed again that evening in finals. (It was much cooler and more pleasant to be in the audience this time. Whew!) We watched all 10 bands perform their hearts out. Great music and great shows by some of the finest marching bands in Texas.

Finally, at 10:30pm, it was announcement time. All ten bands lined up in super cool fashion to hear the results.
 Go Navy & Silver!
 Hendrickson placed 6th out of 10. They did very well for the first competition of the year! Very proud of them!

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