Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Band Concert

Summer band camp comes to an end with a performance on the football field for parents and Hawk Band fans. The marching show this year is called, "Lost." See the giant saxophones in the back? One of those is Mason. His best bud Joel is next to him, both of them in Hawk caps.

Ed and Dane met Lally and Wayne in Pflugerville for the performance on a Saturday morning.

 After their performance, the parents are called down to join in a warm up and marching lesson. Ed went down for the fun.
 Joel's dad took a snap shot of Ed and Mason. I will have to see about getting a copy of that picture.
Enough talking! Warm up!
 Now that they are warmed up the kid entrust their instruments to the parents.
 They teach them a few steps from the show.
 Off they go!
 After the performance Ed, Mason, Dane, Grandlally, and Grandad went out for lunch at Casa Garcia's Mexican Restaurant. That was one of our regular dining places when we lived in Pflugerville.

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