Sunday, July 19, 2015

Race 21

To celebrate Clark's big 21 birthday, we surprised him with a trip to Track 21 Racing. None of the boys had ever been to an indoor race track so it was a treat for them all. Hummm. Smell the testosterone!
Ed, Clark, and Mason raced on the big track. Helmets on, race cars running.
 Here are a few pics of their speed adventure.
 Go speed demons!

 At the end of the race, racers get a time sheet to see how fast they went.
Happy guys!
 Meanwhile, at the small race track, Dane was getting his speed on.
 Fun time for the birthday man!
 For dinner we visited a Chili's. Clark ordered a Watermelon Margarita. 
They carded him. Hilarious!
Back at the house, we indulged in homemade Chocolate Coke Cake.
 It was a full evening of birthday celebration. We love our birthday man!

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