Monday, July 20, 2015

College Tours

The boys and I spent several days in Denton last week. We had several activities on our agenda.

Dane went to UNT Choir Camp (more on that in the next post). Clark hung out with his girlfriend Briana. Mason and I toured 3 North Texas College campuses. Plus more!

Mason will be a high school senior next year so he is already looking at college options. Before this trip, he and Ed had already toured Sam Houston State University and University of Texas at San Antonio. He lined up 3 more campuses for us to check out.
Pics from our 1 1/2 hour University of North Texas tour.
 Pics from our 2 1/2 hour University of Texas at Arlington tour.
 Pics from our 1 1/2 hour University of Texas at Dallas tour.
Based on campuses alone, he is ranking them UTA as first and UNT and UTSA as tied for second. We will see how they rank after he looks into the specifics of the degree plans and classes.

Besides walking all over campuses, we went to Clark and Briana's favorite Denton donut shop, Hypnotic Donuts. Mason tried one that had bacon on top called Canadian Healthcare. (Yeast raised long john topped with maple icing, full strip of bacon (no pieces here) and syrup.) He devoured it in 3 bites.
 Briana and Clark had the Maribeth. (Chicken biscuit with in house made peppered gravy and tator tots.)
 I carved some time out to have a 2 1/2 hour dinner with my cousins Kim and Pam who both live in the Dallas area. We tried to get our nails done after the meal but both nail salons near the restaurant were closed by the time we got there. Oh, well.
 We also stopped in the ice cream shop on the square called Beth Marie's for some crazy flavored ice cream. Clark had "Wobbly Monkey." I had "Texas Doctor." Mason had "Cake Batter." All very delicious!
 I even got a good shot of Clark and Briana inside the 
Murchison Performing Arts Hall on the UNT campus. My two favorite eagles!
It was a busy 5 days!!

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