Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Choir Camp

UNT Middle School/Jr High Choir Camp in Denton, Texas.

Dane was one of 67 kids who attended Choir Camp for 4 days in July. Lucky kid!

The kids got to sleep in a dorm, eat in the dorm cafeterias, practice in the UNT music buildings, learn to play hand bells, and participate in fun activities every day with UNT choir students.

~Check in morning~
The boy on the far left was Dane's roommate, Josh. A camp counselor holds a welcome sign. The boy next to her, Johann became Dane's best friend at camp.
 Dane shows off his camp back pack and lanyard. In the back ground you get a peek at his dorm bed.
That was the last we saw of Dane until Saturday afternoon. I got nightly phone calls and saw videos and photos on Instagram through out the camp. I heard stories of great singing, fun games, a talent show skit performance (Yay Dane!), and new friends.

On Saturday afternoon Mason, Clark, Briana, and I attended the Choir Camp concert being held at the The Murchison Performing Arts Center on the UNT campus. It was a beautiful facility!
 All the campers got a camp t-shirt that they wore for the concert.
The singers took the stage. We had front row seats. You could feel the excitement in the air.
 The kids performed a total of 9 songs. 
Praise We Sing to Thee
Be Like the Bird
Laudate Dominum
Loch Lomond
Bedu Pako Baramasa
Serve The Lord With Gladness
All God’s Creatures Got A Place In The Choir
Part of the daily activities was learning to play hand bells. The boys played while the girls sang a song then they switched. You can't see Dane in this picture though. He had bell D4 which "played a ton" but was in the second row. Nonetheless, it was beautiful to hear.
 The boys perform one of their pieces next.
The big fantastically fun finale was, "All God's Critters Got a Place in the Choir." This arrangement included movement, animal noises, a banjo, a fiddle, and drums. Such a great way to end the concert.
 As you can imagine, the applause was thunderous and the smiles huge!

After the concert, Clark spotted Dane and friends leaving the concert hall. He snapped this picture showing the spectacular architecture of the concert hall in the background.

Camp friends Johann, Dane, and Jonah

 Dane had such a great time. He wants to go back next summer. He plans to keep in touch with his camp friends over the school year and looks forward to seeing them next July.

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