Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach Trip- Day 3

Day 3 started out with a "Dolphin and Nature Cruise" in Wolf Bay at Orange Beach, Alabama. We, along with 41 other people, plus the captain and co-captain set off on a pontoon boat in search of dolphins and other wildlife.
 We got lucky and spotted several dolphins right away!
Our luck was in full swing when we saw this mom and baby swimming around. 
Super cool!
Next the boat headed to the swampy section of Wolf Bay.
Here is an Osprey in the tree watching us watch him/her.
 This is a three year old Osprey nest. They are big nests that get bigger each year as the parents come back each year and add on to it.
 The landscape started to change the further back we got.
 A Swamp Lilly.
 Swamp Grass which helps filter the water in the bay.
 A Blue Heron hanging out on a marooned barge.
As we headed away from the swamp, Captain Russ called for any kids that wanted to drive to come take a turn. Clark was so there! Go, Clark, go!
Co-Captain Janie took family pictures for all the families on board.
 After that fun cruise we stopped at a restaurant called, Big Fish, in Orange Beach, for a late lunch.
My fish tacos look good, right?
With full tummies we drove to a funky gift shop called Purple Octopus for some souvenir t-shirts. Dane had a run in with a pirate- Aarggh!
 And we stopped for gas......
Later that evening we hit the beach again, this time for some water fun. I didn't take the Canon out again so these few pics are from my phone. Nonetheless, we had a ball jumping over waves and floating around. We stayed out in the water until it was so dark we couldn't see anyone else. Ha!
 Another long and fun day at the beach!

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