Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beach Trip- Day 1

I goggled "white sand beach near me" and told the boys to pack their bags. We jumped in the car and headed to Gulf Shore Beach, Alabama. Who knew Alabama had white sand beaches? Not me!

It took 10 hours from driveway to hotel. It was an easy drive which Clark, Mason, and I shared. We hit one patch of bad rain but we waited for it to slow down under an awning in Jennings, Louisiana.
Once checked in and unloaded, we headed to a beach front restaurant called "Sea N Suds" for dinner. The hour wait was nothing as the wait was on a deck over-looking the beach and water. Time flew by. Check out this view.
From the deck I took a pic of the boys on the sand.
 The boys set up to take a selfie with Clark's selfie stick.
 They got me in their selfie. :-)
Dinner was delicious. Between the four of us we had cod, shrimp, gumbo, and hush puppies. Our plates were empty when we left!
After dinner we headed back to the hotel for some sleep.

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