Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crêpes and Crawfish

On Saturday evening our friends (and former neighbors), the Harkey's rolled into Spring. They were just starting out on their way to New Orleans and planned time to hang out with us. Lucky us!

We met up at a (new to us) place in Vintage Park called Coco's Crêpe. We secured a long table on the patio and ordered up some crêpes from the menu of 21 crêpe options, not including "build your own." Want sweet? Want savor? They had it! They also had incredible Chai Tea made with Vanilla Gelato. Holy cow!

In this picture you can see Briana's Coco’s Crêpe (Coco’s Crêpe with strawberries, Whipped Cream, Caramel & Chocolate sauces) and my Chicken & Spinach Crêpe (Chicken & Spinach with mushrooms, mozzarella & wild mushroom pesto sauces). YUM!!

I got a good picture of the gang with the crêpes and Chai Teas. Again, YUM!!
 Dig in!
To our delight, a musician set up in the courtyard and we were able to enjoy his singing and guitar playing. Ed and I, along with Clark and Briana, even got out and danced to a song.

From there, we went to a bingo hall for some evening fun. It turned into a long night but it was great to be with our dear friends.

On Sunday, Briana's last day with us, we went to another (new to us) place called, "China Bear." She hadn't tried a lot of Chinese food so we thought this buffet, we had only heard about, might be a good way for her to try a variety. Turns out we were all in for a huge surprise.

First off, this restaurant is huge. Seriously. Huge. Secondly, the variety was way more than we expected. It included all kinds of seafood, sushi, Asian, and for anyone not digging all of that, basic Americanized food.

The kids and Ed loaded up with things they normally eat at a Chinese place. I decided to be adventurous and got one of several things new to me. I tried and liked muscles, octopus, and edemame in black bean sauce. I tried and didn't like razor clams. I tried and couldn't swallow an oyster. (I don't get the oyster love at all!)

Briana and Clark had never tried crawfish before so I got a plate and gave them a lesson. They were a little afraid. It was funny!
 In the end they ate a couple each and Briana said she actually liked them. Clark said they were a lot of work but pretty good. Success!

Outside of the restaurant they had Koi pond that ran around two sides of the huge building. We bought a cup of fish food for $2 to share in feeding the fish. Look at all these beautiful Koi.
At the very end of the lilly pad filled pond system was a lovely waterfall. 
Perfect picture place!

Good times, good friends, good food! 
And now that they are gone we miss them all!

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