Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Japan Fest/Hail

April 19, 2015 was an interesting day.

We met up with the Rodriguez family for some fun. We all rode the metro train to downtown Houston (see bottom right corner pic). We crossed one street and we were in Herman Park for "Japan Fest." It was a great place for people watching and cultural shopping. Dane posed with a video game character (see top right pic), Dane and Bel waded in the water, (see bottom left pic), Bel bought a pretty pink Japanese umbrella, and we all drank yummy Bubble Tea (see top left pic)! Then we rode the metro train back to the cars.

From there we went to have a late lunch at Barnaby's Cafe. Good food, good company, and colorful art work of Barnaby the sheep dog. I even scored a free piece of carrot cake for my birthday. Whoop!

A few hours later, back in Spring...... Oh, hell! We've got hail!

It came on fast and furious, delivering good size solid balls of frozen ice. It was incredible to watch, bouncing everywhere!
 What a day! :-)

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