Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Downtown Houston hosts a St. Patrick's Day Parade every year. This year marked the 56th annual parade.

Ed, Dane, and friend Gavin headed downtown to check it out. We were all wearing green, of course. It turned out to be a beautiful spring day.
Here are some of the best pics I took.
The parade begins....
 Bagpipe players, a must!
 St. Patrick himself!
 Horse mounted police and a green haired horse!
 The coolest kid in the parade gets a high five from Dane! 
Love his flaming orange hair!
Dane and Gavin counted 6 fire trucks through the course of the parade.
We thought this yellow one was cool.
 Texas pride float.
 Cool old fire truck.
 Sylvester was there too.
 Ah! The lucky rainbow.
 More color guards.
 My dream car for Clark- a custom Superman Corvette. Drool city!!
 A leprechaun.
 Dane and Gavin were getting in to it. They loved the free stuff that was thrown out- beads, candy, t-shirts, little toys, etc.
 Showing off their goodies at the end of the parade.

After the parade we went for a late lunch at the downtown Spaghetti Warehouse. It was a fun day.

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