Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break Activities

Spring Break was weird this year. Klein ISD had their break the week before Pflugerville ISD and UNT. So, Mason packed and moved back to Pflugerville during the Klein ISD Spring Break, thus securing a second full week of Spring Break for himself from Pflugerville. It just worked out that way. Lucky, Mason.

Sadly, for Dane, the first 3 days of his Klein ISD Spring Break was nothing but rain! So we went to a movie and ate lunch out plus he went to a birthday party of a school friend. On Thursday, we took advantage of the light drizzle (versus full out rain) and drove to the Houston Aquarium. Also because of the drizzle, I did not take my Canon. These pics are all from my phone.

Here we are on the Shark Train.
Besides the Shark Train, they have a few rides on the property that Dane rode.
Lighthouse Dive 
 Aquatic Carousel
At the front entrance to the Aquarium, Dane got cozy with a shark.
 I have one picture from inside the aquarium. 
There were a bunch of people so we were lucky to get one. Ha!
And one pic of the gorgeous white tigers.
 The aquarium has a large restaurant that seats guests around a 150,000 gallon aquarium. It was very relaxing to watch the fish, string rays, and eels swim by as we ate lunch.
It was a fun day for Dane and something he had been wanting to go experience.

Clark worked on campus the first Sat, Sun, and Mon of his Spring Break. He arrived in Spring close to midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Dane was back in school so Clark and I went to the movies, ate lunch out (Mexican and French), shopped for clothes and shoes for him, and got haircuts.
Every day when Dane got home, we played a different board game.These pics are from the day we played Dread Pirate and Clark cleaned our treasure troves out. Aaarrrggh!
There was some testosterone fueled wrestling too.
It was a great visit and we were sad to see him leave on Sunday morning.

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