Sunday, March 29, 2015

Krimmel Kolor Run

Dane's school, Krimmel Intermediate School, raises money by holding a "Kolor Run." We signed up with some friends, Emily and Isabel, for the Saturday morning 2 mile event.

It was a fun time-- getting squirted by volunteers holding giant bottles of colored corn starch as we made our way around the course.

And look how pretty we were afterwards!
Isabel, Dane, and me.
Dane is holding extra color packets. Read on to see why.
 Dane, Gage, and Mitra- choir buds.
After everyone had finished the course, we met in the middle of the football field for a group "kolor bomb." At the count of three, everyone tossed their packets of extra color into the air and/or at each other for more color fun!
 Close up of the "Kolor Kid!"
 Me and Dane.
 Isabel and Emily.
The color gets everywhere but thankfully it cleans up easily. And it was so much fun to get messy and silly that I don't even mind that I had to wash/bleach two loads of towels! Ha!

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