Sunday, March 22, 2015

Houston Zoo

On Thursday, Clark, Dane, and I took a trip to the Houston Zoo. In all our years in Texas, we had never been to this zoo so we were a little excited to go.

Being that is was Spring Break Week, we bought tickets online the night before and got to the zoo early to avoid the crowds and the rain. It worked! We found a close parking spot, walked right in to the gates, and avoided crowds till the end of our visit. Yay! We also missed the rain by about 20 minutes. Awesome!

First thing in, we went into the Aquarium House. The boys climbed through a tunnel that went through a larger aquarium.
This zoo has a large elephant exhibit. I was glad to see so many elephant in very large spaces as elephants are social animals. There were several moms and calves.
There were so many other animals to see. Here is a small sampling.
The boys spent a little time in the petting zoo section.
 Four horns! Fancy!
 Here are two unidentified animals! Ha!
 There was some lovely foliage through out the zoo.
 We particularly liked the primate area.
(Mason, we missed you!)
 We had this photo taken when we first arrived at the zoo. The photographer told us to hold out our hands as if we were holding something. As we were leaving, we stopped by to see the photo. To our delight they had photo shopped in a baby lion. So cute! And our faces! So cute, too!
 We left the zoo and headed back in towards Spring, stopping for a late lunch at Mamacita's Mexican Cantina. Yum!

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