Saturday, February 28, 2015

Noah's Wings 5K

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 was the 1st Annual Noah's Wings 5K supporting the Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund. I am happy to say that I was involved with the planning and executing of the event from the beginning. And I am thrilled to say the event was a huge success! In fact, we had 430 registered participants including 14 teams, over 100 children, and even a few dogs. 

It was cold at Pflugerville Lake that day. While the forecast called for a huge down pour, we only had some mist, wind, and cold. Thank you Noah for keeping the weather in check for us!
 I was proud to sing the National Anthem in this trio with Sally Stone and Jennifer Schaffer.
And I was okay with wearing Clark's eagle hat because it WAS that cold and windy!
Adding to the fun, I put together a team of 24 people which we called, "Team Mean Green," since Clark and Briana were coming down from Denton. We even got our 5K participation shirts in UNT green. Here is our team picture minus Monica and Javi who showed up right after we took the picture!!
See! Here they are!

It was time to start the 5K. Everyone lined up behind the festive balloon arch. 
Love it! Noah's favorite colors!
We walk and run for Noah!
Noah's Dad, Jose, the MC, Chris Templeton, and Noah's Mom, Emily, give the count down.
And they are off!
Here are Mason and Joel taking off.
Here are some more Team Mean Green members heading out!
Go, Ed and Clark!
Go, Chad!
Here are Ron, Abigail, Cathie and Kristy taking off.
Spike, from the Round Rock Express, was at the finish line to cheer runners in!
 Look who ran the whole 5K and crossed the finish line first from our team! Way to go, Ed!
Here comes Mason. 
He ran most of it and was feeling excited about participating in more 5Ks.
You can do it, Mason!
Briana and Clark walked and ran. It was Briana's first 5K and Clark's second. 
So proud of them both!
Dane made it in shortly after. Awesome job, kiddo!
Here is Mason, Joel, Daniel, and John after the 5K.
Best buds!
The real Mean Green Eagles- Clark and Briana.
I was so happy that they came down to be in this event. It was great to spend time with them.
Chad and Ed. Swapping stories and telling lies. :-)
Great friends Alvin, Kenneth, and Dane. We were so happy to have these guys on our team! 
We miss our old neighbors!
It was a great event that was bigger than we imagined and worked out beautifully for our first go. Looking forward to next year already!

We miss you Noah!

Oh, I almost forgot! The night before the 5K, we had a big group met for dinner at Golden Wok. Family and friends for 3 hours! (Mason and Abigail are missing from the picture.)
 We celebrated Michelle's Feb 2nd birthday, Briana's Feb 1st birthday, and Dane's Feb 28th birthday.
They got special birthday ice cream! Lucky duckies!

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