Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Highlights

Christmas was in Spring, Tx. this year. Nanny and Poppy came to visit and spend Christmas Eve and day with us.

On Christmas Eve, I cooked a 17 lb turkey with a few traditional sides. It was delicious.

On Christmas morning, Dane woke everyone up around 7am even though he had promised not to wake anyone up until 8am. He was too excited to wait any longer, he claimed.

 Clark's highlights. 
Don't trust him until he has his degree! :-)
 Oh, yes we did! An eagle hat for a UNT Eagle.
" I wanna go fast" should be Clark's middle name!
 Gee! A box of corn flakes. Really??
 Psyche! It's a new phone!
 Dane's highlights.
Hey, look! We found his marbles!
Dane and his pile 'o presents.
New PJ's for the fast growing boy!
 That is an interesting shaped present. I wonder what it could be?
A skateboard? Who would have guessed that?
 Mason's highlights. 
Bacon bowls for the bacon kid!
 Gee! A box of dog food. Really??    
Psyche! It's a new phone, too!
 That is a GAINT Reese's! Ummmm, yum! You better share!
 New jeans to replace the jeans he has torn up at the bike park!
 Nanny's highlights.
Tweet! Tweet!
 New jewelry from Dane.
 Ed's highlights.
Big Bang Theory Clue!! Ed's favorite show!
 A new electric blanket for Mr. Freeze. Lol!
My highlights.
 A gift from me to me. I wonder what I got myself?
 Surprise! (Not!) A canvas of a pic of my boys. Love!
 Puppy kisses from Iris!
 Roger didn't join us until a few hours later so we didn't get any pics of him opening his gifts.

It was a very good Christmas, indeed.

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