Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cement, Trim, and Doors

The weather cleared up and sun peeked out this weekend so we drove out to see if any progress had been made. Yep!

On Friday Dane and I discovered that cement had been poured giving us a driveway, sidewalk and path to the front porch.
 On the inside we found that the sheet rock had been taped, floated, and textured.
It definitely smelled like it too!
This is a picture of two walls in the laundry room.

On Saturday, we took Ed out to see the progress and we were surprised to find even more had been done!

The garage door had been installed.
 Interior doors had been hung and trim work had been started. Whoop!
 In this picture you can see the shelve work in Clark's soon-to-be closet.
 The biggest surprise was that the wood floor on the balcony had been installed. It was mostly a surprise because we had completely forgotten about the wood flooring being there in the first place!
It is exciting to see things coming together. Next should be paint, cabinets, and tile work. Can't wait!

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