Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Fun

On the Saturday before Christmas, we had a family Christmasy fun day in Galveston with our friends Emily, Jose,and Isabel. We started out at Moody Gardens with tickets to Ice Land. Think about a temperature of 9 degrees, 900 tons of ice, and 31 ice sculptors from China turning that ice into SpongeBob scenes. It was AMAZING!! Such an unusual sight/experience that we were all wowed by in a big way. Did I mention the mandatory parkas? Yep, that cold! And that beautiful, as the pics below will show.

Family shot at the beginning of Ice Land.
Jose, Isabel, and Emily

 Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
 Clark, the rebel with no gloves, braves touching the ice in an ice block tunnel between scenes.
 Could this be Squidward's lost twin brother?
 Ice slide for anyone brave enough to sit on ice!
Dane was first of our group. (on right side of pic)
 Here is Isabel, Mason, and Clark sliding down!
 My boys are hilarious!
A few scenes of the characters in action.
 Isabel, SpongeBob, and Dane
 A scene taken up high. Beautiful colors!
 Angelic fish?
They don't fool me!
 At the end. SpongeBob and Dane are happy and cold!
After that cold adventure (amazing, really!) we needed a place to warm up and fill up. So we headed to the beach for a late lunch/early dinner at Bubba Gump's Restaurant.
 Ed ordered drunken shrimp. It was a beautiful and delicious dish!
We were right on the water's edge so we braved the wind and walked around a little. We took some family pictures with the beautiful ocean in the background.
Limbaugh family pic- Take 1.
Funny photo bomb by Isabel!!
 Take 2- the easily distracted!
Completely unplanned.
 Take 3- We got one!
Rodriguez family pic- They behaved so much better than we did. :-) 
Jose, Emily, Isabel, and Noah.
Two of our last activities of the night were back at Moody Gardens (Thanks, Groupon!)
We made a quick run through the Ice Age Exhibit while we waited for it to get dark.
Argh, Matey!
Isabel and the boys check out this robotic dino.
My! What big teeth you have!
 Taller than a Wooly Mammoth!
 At dark we made our way to the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It was a gorgeous mile long walk full of lights (more than a million lights, boasts the website!) and holiday cheer.
 So much to see!
 A tunnel of lights.
Lights on the water. Lovely!
 After all that walking we needed a pick-me-up! So on Isabel's recommendation we drove to La King's Confectionery on The Strand in Galveston. It was an old timey looking store. Lots of sugary home made treats to choose from!

We were so busy enjoying our sweet treats that I only snapped one pic! Between the two families we enjoyed chocolate covered potato chips, pumpkin spiced milk shakes, cheese cake ice cream, jaw breakers and more!

We had a wonderful day! It put us in the Christmas spirit! The highlight was Ice Land for sure but we enjoyed all the activities and the company of the Rodriguez'.

Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Concert

The Krimmel Choir put on a festive Christmas concert. Dane was up front purposefully as his choir director picked him out as "one of the best dancers." Ha!

Here he is right before the concert started.
Pictured left to right are Caden, Cullen, Jamison, Dane, Dillion, and Gabe.
 The 6th grade Men's and Women's choir performed Carol of the Children and Deck the Halls.
 The 6th grade Men's Choir sang Oh, Christmas Tree.
 The 6th grade Men's Choir sang and danced to Jingle Bell Rock. It was so cute! 
I posted several pics of my dancing boy!
Love that Christmas spirit!

Masonry and Drywall

I am very excited to post more house updates as the work gets done!

Clark and I went through the house today. We were happy to see the drywall up in every single room. The taping and floating should happen soon.

 This is a shot of the dinning room.
This is the fireplace wall.
 This is the game room. You can see the back doors that lead to the balcony and the cut out for the doors of the soon to be media room.
 This is the stairs and part of the entry hallway.
 The brick was finished on two sides and the stone was started on the front. 
I love the contrast of the brown/tan brick with the stark white stone.
You can see the color change on the brick as the sections dry. I wanted as light of color of brick as possible so I am pleased with the lightness of the bottom section.
 The brick work across the back is completely done! Yay!
We are curious to see what all gets done before the Christmas break. Stay tuned!