Friday, November 14, 2014

KISD Men's Choir

On Veteran's Day, the Klein ISD put on a Men's Choir program featuring 5th grade thru 12th grade boy/men choir students. Get ready for this- over 700 students participated!! 700!! The program was so big, that they had to hold it at a local church. Even then, at the end, when all 700 plus kids were performing the Armed Forces Medley, there were kids on the stage, floor, and double stacked on the risers!
First up, all of the KISD Intermediate Men.
 Dane is 3rd row down from the top, 6th boys in from the left.
Next up was the KISD High School Men.
While the groups transitioned on and off stage, the Men of Moores, from the University of Houston, performed a few a cappella pieces.

The big finale included everyone performing a version of the Armed Forces Medley. Yes, Ed stood up for the Army song. Look at all the kids! Wow! (I couldn't get a shot that included the right side of the floor thanks to a view blocking post but you get the idea.)
The entire performance was amazing. I was blown away!
We are truly in a school district that loves, supports, and grows the love of choir in kids!
Dane is in a great place!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Windows and Shingles

Yep, more house progress. We have windows and shingles. Things are clicking right a long. :-)
 The front- 
The guys were there working on the front porch so I didn't get to go inside.
 Taken from behind our back fence since there is no one behind us.
You can see the windows and doors on the upper balcony.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Night

Dane made arrangements to trick-or-treat with two of his friends from school. On his own initiative he put together a costume (with some minor shopping involved), got his friends addresses, got Jorge's mom to call me, all resulting in a great time on Halloween night.

Dane, Gavin, Jorge
 The loot bag is getting full!
 Dane, Jorge, Gavin and some other family members that went along with the older boys.
Happy Halloween!