Friday, October 31, 2014

UNT vs Rice

Photography can be used in several ways. Sometimes photos capture beauty. Sometimes they capture a specific object or set poses. Sometimes the capture a scene or history. And sometimes they capture emotion.

Yes, this post is about a football game- kind of. But the first two pictures are about emotions. I am so grateful that Ed snapped these first two pictures. They are so emotionally raw for me that it has taken me several days to even be able to post them here. (I didn't share them on Face Book either.) And still, as I look at them now, 6 days later, I am in tears. Read on....

We had not seen Clark since he left for Denton in August. When we found out the UNT vs Rice game was at the Rice stadium in downtown Houston, we were excited. When Clark told us he was coming to the game as part of the pep band, we bought tickets.

On Saturday, we arrived at the stadium and were in communication with Clark via text. The band had arrived and were at the buses getting instruments ready. So we milled around by the tailgaters, even scored some free pom-poms. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of the Green Brigade uniform coming our way. Like a mama eagle, I was searching the line looking for my baby bird. When I saw him, I just took off! No thought, no plan, I was just lost in the moment!

I am in the corner of the first picture, waving my pom-pom, as I run to Clark. He has seen me, too. Look at his face!! This photo is all about Clark, his joy and excitement. He was so happy to see us. I also love the faces of the other band kids. Some of them smiling at my enthusiasm while some of them wondering if I am a crazed fan coming to attack them!
The second picture- be still my heart! I grabbed Clark up in a giant hug and held on. The band kids just went around us. It was such a genuine spontaneous moment. I don't even care that the picture prominently displays my back side. Just focus in Clark's beautiful happy smile!
Ok, tears over. On to the game!
We had a few minutes to visit inside the stadium before band duties called. We posed for a few photos.
Clark and Mini-Me
Ed helps with a missed button.
 The pep band's trombone section!
Clark, Elvis, Shelia, and Jamie
 With a little brother photo bomb!
Did I mention is was bright out?
 We grabbed an opportunity to get a photo with Scrappy!
 At half time UNT was leading the game. Yay!
More visiting pics with our favorite eagle.
Unfortunately, UNT lost the lead in the second half. Nonetheless, the fans still clapped, the band stilled played, and the cheerleaders still cheered.
 The game ended with the score of 41 to 21 with Rice for the win. It was a great day for the Limbaughs anyway!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


I drove out on Monday to discover the framing had begun. Talk about excited! Excited enough that I went back out on Wednesday and Friday.

Monday- First floor going up!
 Mason tries out the lower half of the stair case.

Wednesday- second floor going up!
Front left
Front right

Friday- Roof going up!
That is the master bedroom sticking out of the back side.
 On Friday evening, I took two containers of homemade cookies to the framers right as they were finishing up for the day. Since I made it so obvious that this was my house, by showing up every other day, I decided to show them my appreciation. They polished off the cookies in no time flat. :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

T-Bones Ties

The T-bones tie one on! Wait... that can't be right! I need to find out the significance of the ties!

Here is a group pic of the UNT Trombone players in the Green Brigade (Fall of 2014). Clark is center and back with his T-bone on the top of his head.
Go, Mean Green!

Update- When asked why they were wearing ties, Clark said, "Because why not? Friday tie day. We decided to have a section hype day, and we picked ties as the theme."

Thursday, October 16, 2014


 Over the weekend, we drove out to see if anything new had happened on the lot. Yep! From a leveled lot to a footprint ready for concrete we found. (Pics arranged front of house to back.)

Today I took a quick spin by the lot to see what was going on. We have had rain so I wasn't sure what I would find. Surprise! We have a slab!
 Next step, framing! We can't wait!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Choir Concert

Thursday night was the first concert of the year for Dane and the Krimmel Choir. He was excited! Look how cute he and the other boys are in their tuxedo outfits.

Dane and Choir teacher Ms. Riser
 Dane and fellow singer Josh.
Show time!
The boys 6th grade choir performed a song called, "Cajun Folk Song" in French.
The 6th grade girls choir joined the boys to perform a song called, "Yonder Come Day."
 That song ended in a three part round with three part harmony. Beautiful sung, 6th graders!

Homecoming Dance

Mason got all spiffed up for the homecoming dance. We took a few pictures before Ariel and her mom showed up.
We followed them to a little park area for a few couple pictures.
 This is my favorite shot of the day!
 Brittany met up with Mason and Ariel so we got her in some funny pics.
 The trio went on to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then off to dance.
Mason said they danced a lot and had a fun night.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Junior Homecoming Mum

When we left Pflugerville, I handed over my box of mum making supplies to friends who have high school kids now (and in the near future). The box was FULL! That was hard because I very much enjoy crafting mums once a year.

So when Mason told me he was going to ask Ariel to the homecoming dance, I was excited to have the opportunity to make a mum again. Not only that, I had a reason to go shopping at Michael's craft store!
Mason gave Ariel flowers when he asked her to the dance.
She said, "yes."
 The dressed up for 50's day.

So here are a few pics of the mum making process-

I stretched my craftiness, on this mum, using the biggest single flower available and making a layered backer. I also added the smaller black mum to the middle for more pop.
 The backer board- full of stables and tape!
 Ribbon central!
 Ta-da! All the pieces come together.
 Here is a close up of the mum.
 After it was all put together, I found out I needed to add a neck strap instead of using a safety pin. One more run to the craft store and I was able to deliver on the neck strap. Looks cool to me!
Here is Ariel wearing the mum we gave her and Mason wearing a garter mum that Ariel made for him. Unfortunately, his mum was so heavy the garter broke. But he carried it around with him all day. When he got home he said, "I am covered in glitter!" And he was. Ha!