Monday, September 29, 2014

Friendswood Marching Contest

Mason's marching band, Klein Oak Panthers, competed in the Friendswood Marching Contest on Saturday.

We went to watch them, along with Grandad and Grandlally who came up for the weekend.
The audience is waiting....
Here they come!
They take the field and the musical magic begins.
 There is Mason on the far right side.
 In this picture, Mason is just turning the corner.
 Nice field wide formation.
 And now we wait for the rest of the bands to perform and for the results.
Mason and Ariel head for a seat in the stands to watch and wait.
Prelim results- They placed 3rd in the 6A division (prelims) and performed again in finals.
Final results- They placed 3rd overall (combined divisions)!!!!

Can you believe it, Mason?? HA!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lot Clearing 2

Sadly, our 7 trees becomes 4, unless we wanted two of them IN our master bedroom and one right up against the back porch. I am disappointed but after seeing the four corners of the house staked, I get it. I am so glad they called and let me see for myself instead of just removing them.

Also new, the lot has been leveled.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lot Clearing

I got a text pic from our sales rep, Eric, showing a back-hoe clearing out our lot #8. Step one has begun! Here are the two pics he sent me. You can see they are just getting started.
 Of course, I race over with my camera in tow! You can see they have cleared away much of the brush out of the center and made a big pile on the left side of the pic.
I left to pick up Mason from school, got him fed and watered and then we went back out. Now you can see the last of the center cleared out. Unfortunately, there were three pines that were where our back porch will be so those had to go. But we are beyond exicted to be able to save 7 pines in the backyard. (The stake in the left corner is not the lot stake, it is the address stake. The lot stake is to the left of the scrub pile out of camera range.)
Here is a nice shot showing all 7. You can see the right corner lot stake flapping in the wind, too.
We are all going back out tonight after Ed gets home from work. I wonder if it will look different. :-0

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Paint Ball

Mason was invited to play paint ball with a group of band kids. They spent several hours there. Mason had a ton of fun. He came home sweaty and muti-colored!

They took a group picture at the end.