Monday, April 28, 2014

Men in Black

These pictures are from a photo shoot taken at a nature trail located off of 360 in Austin. This was during Spring Break week, in March, when Clark was home.

Clark is 19, Mason is 16, and Dane is 11. Gulp! From boys to men!
 My favorite pic!
Once we get moved, this one is going to be blown up and hung on the walls of our new house.
 Taken by local photographer Hoa Ly.
Check out his website @

Monday, April 21, 2014

RA at Crumley

Lisa's post on  Face Book today- Clark Limbaugh gave me the BEST birthday gift today!!! I am ecstatically happy! (It is his news so I won't share here until he does first.)

 Clark's post on Face Book today- It's official. I was just hired as an RA for the engineering community at Crumley hall next year. I'm super excited! Crumley Hall Link- click here

He applied for an Resident Assistant position in mid-March. He made the paper cut (based solely on his application), and then 2 other "group interview" events. He then received offers from two halls for a one on one interview. He had his first interview, with Crumley Hall, last Friday. His second interview with West Hall, was this afternoon. 

The funny part is that while Clark was in his interview today, Crumley Hall called to offer him a RA position on the engineering floor!! She also said she would let the other hall directors know he "had been claimed." Yay!!!!!!!!

 We are so excited and proud for Clark! We believe this will be a life changing experience for him in multiple ways! He will be a wonderful RA!! Caw!
  I think his shirt sums up today aptly!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

It was cold at 3:30am on April 15th. In frozen bare feet, I snapped a few pics of the "Blood Moon." This is the best I got. So here you go....

Friday, April 11, 2014

D.A.R.E. Essay

Dane came home wearing a medal! Turns out he won 1st place in his class for his D.A.R.E. essay that he wrote (and read in front of his class and Officer Dillard today)! What a wonderful surprise!

“D.A.R.E to Succeed”

Welcome to my D.A.R.E. essay or “D.A.R.E to succeed.”  I will be telling you why D.A.R.E. is educational and important to me. Sit back and enjoy.

I like D.A.R.E.  because I learned about drugs that I didn’t even know existed. When I learned about ecstasy, I was confused. It looked like candy. What if someone tried to sell some to me? That would be terrible because I might get tricked into eating it and end up dying a horrible death, by drugs.

Drugs make you crazy and are mostly illegal. Drugs also can hurt your body by making you itch, rotting your teeth and gums, and by making you have seizers. Drugs can make you addicted to them. You will keep wanting more. You will waste your money too.

All of D.A.R.E. is important, because what if YOU were offered drugs? What would YOU do? Would YOU know what it was? Thanks to D.A.R.E. and Officer Dillard, I can be safe by making good choices.

I promise to stay drug free and care for myself. I hope you will care for yourself too.

By Dane Limbaugh
Ms. Husmann

 Dane has the privilege of reading his essay at the D.A.R.E. graduation in May. 
Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pups in Bluebonnets

It is that time of year -- puppies in bluebonnets pictures!



Puppy wranglers!